Metabolic Integrity and Life Balance

This programme is ideal for:

Preventive health reasons.

Protecting myself from illness by natural means.

Optimizing my immune system and metabolism.

Improving my nutritional habits.

Changing my body constitution through balancing metabolic pathways.

Improving nutritional and somatic awareness and knowledge.


Metabolic Detoxifying.

The programme includes

Mindful customized antioxidant Mediterranean nutrition based on clinical and laboratory parameters.

Metabolic rehabilitation via natural, ancient healing techniques.

Scientifically targeted body workout and treatments that improve metabolic conditioning, body posture and ventilation.

Psychosomatic respiratory techniques.

Rejuvenation of the skin, body and mind through the use of sauna, steam bath, caldarium and thalassotherapy facilities.

Electronic detoxification using specialized equipment during the daily periods of rest.

All IMMOT programmes include the Core Therapy programme. Select the IMMOT programme that ideally suits your specific wellness needs or contact us so we can help you select the programme that is best suited to your requirements.

IMMOT Programmes