Project Description

Eucrasia Messinia

The Eucrasia Messinia programme is ideal for:

Boosting cell rejuvenation.

Detox of the system.

Detailed cellular assessment of metabolism.

Rehabilitation of the muscular system.

In depth knowledge.

The programme includes

A unique protocol of biological and clinical tests.

Regulated diet nutrition therapy that is based on Messinia’s Mediterranean cuisine.

Special personalized relaxation and rehabilitation therapy protocol for the body and revitalization for the face.

Physical rehabilitation and activation treatments for the improvement of mobility, posture and for detoxification of the lymphatic system.

Training in psychosomatic awareness and breathing techniques.

Training and advice regarding nutrition habits, the workings of the metabolism, rehabilitation and exercise on an group basis, through seminars.

A 7 or 14 days stay at the Westin Resort Costa Navarino.

A two months follow up in a personalized Internet environment with access to all test results and expert consultations.

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