The Core Therapy programme is the basis of all Eucrasia ΙΜΜΟΤ programmes.

The Core Therapy programme includes:

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Medical tests individualized as per the condition being addressed.

Individual nutritional plan with emphasis on the Mediterranean Diet.

Body Workout programme, Physical Rehabilitation programme and Psychosomatic Awareness all of which are customized on a daily basis throughout the duration of stay at the center.

Use of spa facilities to activate the mechanisms that promote metabolic and musculoskeletal recovery.

Education by the specialized associates of Eucrasia, during scheduled workshops and lectures, on-site at the centre and during crafted experiences i.e. nature walks, sailing, local events, customs etc.

Follow up using specialized internet software, so that the client can exchange information, views and receive tips regarding all parts of the programme by the scientific team.

Medical Tests

A unique protocol detects the metabolic function. Using this protocol we customize the Mediterranean diet model to the specific needs of each person, as an essential component of preventive medicine. Our ultimate target is to reduce the possibility of expression of the “bad” genetic material while activating cellular protection.

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Due to the innovation of the data-tools resulting from our research approach, our team begun a pioneering partnership, through specific protocols, with:

Τhe Department of Biochemistry of the University of Thessaly, headed by Dr. Dimitri Kouretas,

Τhe Nutrition Department of Harokopio at the medical faculty of the University of Athens,

Τhe Genetic Department of the University of Oxford and

Τhe Toxicology Department at the University Hospital of Heraklion (Crete), headed by Prof. Ari Tsatsakis.

The following tests are carried out through our scientific partners:



GENETIC SALIVA TEST that detects 40 alleles concerning metabolic mutations and their expression in comparison with BMI changes.

TOXICOLOGICAL HAIR TESTS that detect the levels of the 15 most dangerous toxic environmental pollutants in our body.

CELL CULTURE that identifies mutations of the protective genes in the development of diseases.

HISTOLOGICAL TEST that predicts the full skin cellular stress.

FULL ERGOPHYSIOLOGICAL SCANNING that detects the RQ index, the fuel consumption in different respiratory conditions, the energy metabolic rates, etc.


FULL MYOSKELETAL EVALUATION of muscle joints and fascia body structures.

OPHTHALMOLOGICAL TEST that detects degenerative eye trends.


Individual Nutritional Plan

Through 15 years of research, our scientific team has created an Individualized Isoglycemic Nutritional Model with emphasis on detoxification and antioxidant Mediterannean diet. Our nutritionists, biochemists and chefs, bring to our members over 50 different dietary plans from traditional Cretan recipes, using the purest, organic, local herbs and plants, carrying therapeutic qualities, as well as local delicacies and products.

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The Mediterranean Diet is widely acknowledged as the most scientifically validated nutritional model worldwide. With its rich antioxidant action, in addition to a wide variety of dietary fibres and high value macronutrients, it serves as a protective shield for our health.

The IMMOT scientific team has identified the unique parameters that make the Mediterranean Diet so dynamic and multifactorial. Aiming at quickly regulating the hormones that are constructed and deconstructed in our body (during anabolic and catabolic processes) as well as the anti-oxidation processes, our team has created the Isoglycemic Nutritional Model. The model targets the metabolism for gradual self-adjustment of all the body’s homeostatic mechanisms, from the highest level of biochemical and hormonal regulation through to the finer cellular levels, modulating cell structure and function and Epigenetics.

In collaboration with advanced research companies, like Eat Walk, our team has developed a line of organically produced, natural and functional Greek food supplements, which enhance the total nutritional value of the Mediterranean Diet Model. This has given rise to the new, molecular version of the Mediterranean Diet.

The dishes offered with our menus, preserve the rich flavors of local tradition, enriched in culinary combinations in order to offer the highest nutritional value and all that is necessary in order to capitalize on the nutritional aspects of food as a metabolic medicine.

This nutritional model is already being implemented today, with great success, by a number of credible nutrition centers in Greece and other Mediterranean countries. Internationally renowned sports clubs (such as Olympiakos Piraeus Basketball Club, the Greek National Basketball Team), acclaimed world champions, professional athletes, as well as patients of chronic disease and obesity secondary to illness or oxidized metabolism, constitute the clientele of our collaborating centers.


Relaxation Treatments

The Eucrasia relaxation treatments all take place at the Six Senses Spas. The aim of the Six Senses Spa is to help you reconnect with yourself, others and the world around you. For it is only when we reconnect with ourselves that our connection with others becomes truly meaningful.

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We are committed to delivering integrated wellness experiences, and providing guidance and inspiration to allow our guests to gain a new perspective and make positive lifestyle changes. Our local sensibility is evident in the products we choose, the treatments we design and the sustainable practices we implement. This approach enables us to maintain a closer relationship with nature and the surrounding world.

We respect the individuality of our guests and craft experiences to stimulate, energize and restore. Our global relationships with practitioners, healers, wellness leaders and experts allow us to go beyond traditional service provision and combine high tech and high touch approaches which blend the old and the new. We offer our guests the tools to pursue a better quality of life.


Physical Rehabilitation

The Eucrasia physical rehabilitation programme stimulates and reduces the body’s myofascia (soft tissues), via which the geometry of the ligaments and the balance of the limbs are evidently improved. In addition, cellular metabolic toxins, wastes and residue can be excreted via the lymphatic system.

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Our members have improved mobility and body posture. They soon feel relaxed, healthy and active – beneficial results that improve their daily life.

Present-day man is ultimately an athlete who is fighting against time and the drive for success, surpassing himself on a daily basis as current situations demand. Indolence and over exertion are equally harmful to the body. The human metabolism is rushed and can not deliver the body’s natural rehabilitation mechanisms. Toxins and metabolic waste accumulate while the muscular system stiffens in the attempt to overcome over exertion, poor posture and gravity. This, in combination with a poor diet, create respiratory problems and low blood oxygen levels (hypoxia), making physical rehabilitation vital.

With the constant flow of pressure that the therapist applies to the fascias, the brain receives the necessary information about the body’s musculoskeletal imbalances via nerve signals in order to release it from loads that are above or below what is appropriate.

Stretching the endo and hypodermal fascias, creates the proper hydro-pneumatic cellular pressures so that cellular metabolic toxins, wastes and residue can be excreted via the lymphatic system. Thus, you have better mobility and your body’s posture is improved. As a direct result, you soon feel relaxed, healthy and energized.

Physical rehabilitation benefits people of all ages with neck pain, cramps in their back and legs due to stiff muscles as well as other muscular problems. It is also used during recovery following surgery or trauma. It is successfully used in the self-regulation of the endocrine system and the metabolic process.

The therapeutic programme is implemented by qualified therapists who activate the mobility of optimal respiratory function by utilizing corrective body posture techniques.

Body Workout

The Eucrasia body workout programme creates a personalized exercise protocol, that is easy to remember and can be practiced anywhere.Trained ergo physiologists, movement therapists and coaches acquaint our members to learn how to walk efficiently.

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Aerobic exercise and functional exercise are now scientifically justified as essential elements of metabolic homeostasis. With aerobic exercise, we achieve metabolic regulation, which cannot be achieved even with the most modern medication, whereas the neuromuscular system and musculoskeletal function is activated, in the best possible manner, with functional exercise.

Swiss balls, cardio frequency meters,suspension belts (such as TRX), kinesiotherapy via martial arts and wellness techniques (such as TAI CHI and YOGA), water or ground exercises and many more constitute the tools for our qualified kinesiotherapists and trainers.


Psychosomatic Awareness

Diagnosing blocked areas, raising awareness, introspection and providing a personal and private space for self expression, constitute an important part of our efforts as we strive for psychological and biochemical balance.


Eucrasia programme places particular emphasis on re-education in all its fields. Consultation on nutrition, rehabilitation and exercise is conducted on an individual and group basis, in workshops.

Our members return to eating, walking, moving about, relaxing and optimally stimulating their body in a natural way.



The Eucrasia programme requires a minimum stay of 4 nights and up to 14 nights and it is offered:

With the Euphoria Reatreat.

With the Tatoi Club.

With the Porto Elounda Golf & SPA Resort.


Follow Up

After completion of your programme, you will be hosted along with all our members in our specially constructed personalized internet environment, where your test results and expert consultations will be available.

Real-time discussions with our expert consultants will answer all of your questions, as we systematically monitor your progress.