The Company Mediterranean Eucrasia Ltd.- which is based in Athens, Greece, Taxation File Number: 800564194- (Henceforth the Company) is managing the website (henceforth the website or Internet site).

This civil data protection policy (henceforth the Civil Data Protection Policy) explains how the Company uses the personal data it collects or which is related to the use of its website by interested persons (visitors, registered or unregistered users or potential clients or clients – henceforth the interested parties).



2.1. It is recalled that in accordance with subparagraph 1.2. in the website use conditions with access, navigation or other use of the website, the interested parties accept the Civil Data Protection Policy, without limitation or claim. If they do not accept the Civil Data Protection Policy they shall not have a right to access or use the website nor the capacity for negotiation, a fortiori, the capacity to conclude contracts and to enjoy the Company’s services and it is suggested that they immediately abandon the website.

2.2. By submitting data and information as an interested party in accordance with the meaning under paragraph 3 herein, you agree with the determinations in the Civil Data Protection Policy, especially in relation to its collection, use, transmission and processing.

2.3. The Company hereby reserves the right in every situation to the conditions for protecting personal data, whenever it deems necessary, in accordance with the then current and relevant legislative framework. The website users, the potential clients and the clients are requested to regularly examine the conditions for any changes. The continual use of the Internet site implies that they accept all potential amendments thereto.



3.1. The main data of a personal nature is that collected by us during the completion of Form Α – Client History Form. In accordance with the General Conditions governing Transactions, the completion of the Client History Form constitutes an exhibition of interest and the precession of the visitor or user of the website into a potential client. It is however even possible to collect personal data or simple information from visitors and registered or unregistered users, which is also governed by these conditions.

3.2. Billing information or charges are also considered to be data of a personal nature. The Company reserves the right in every case to request additional receipts or data regarding the billing information, whenever it deems that it is necessary.

3.3. The information or details that are requested for creating a personal account and for creating a personal code are also considered to be data of a personal nature. The Company reserves the right in every case to request additional receipts or data regarding the hereby information or details, wherever it deems that this is necessary.

3.4. Formulated personal preferences are considered to be simple information (e.g. communication and language adjustments), transactions with the Company (e.g. history of dealings), communication and conversations with the staff or the Company’s representatives, as well as the information that the Company collects from the frequency and the quality of its website’s use.

3.5. The data of a personal nature and the simple information is protected only where it is true, precise and complete.

3.6. The matters relating to simple information that is collected from the very use of the Internet site, such as the duration of visits to certain of its pages, the browser that is used and the method of departing from the website are regulated in the website use conditions (Paragraph 5).



4.1. The Company may use the personal data of the interested parties exclusively and only for one or more of the following reasons:

a) Performance of the contract, namely the supply to the clients of the programs offered, and about the processing of the supports for the digital and non-digital service programs.

b) Processing the transaction, inclusive of processing your payment details, credit checks, and the fraud prevention activities. The specific checks may inter alia be required for certifying your identity, the validating your credit or debit card, acquiring an initial authorisation for a credit or debit card and/or the authorisation of personal transactions.

c) Analysis of the Internet site and enterprise analysis, management and administration.

4.2. The company shall under no circumstances make the personal data and information of the interest parties available for sale or leasing or otherwise transmit or communicate it to third parties without their prior consent. An exception is constituted in the case where its communication is dictated by an express provision of the law and exclusively and only to the competent authorities.

4.3. It is possible for the Company to process a section or all of the data and information that has been dispatched by interested parties for statistical purposes and for improving the services– information provided by it.

4.4. The Company does not in principle communicate the personal data and information of interested parties to third parties. In the event where it shares the personal data and information of interested parties with associated third parties, such as suppliers and service providers, this shall occur after they have been advised and exclusively and only for the completion of the negotiations and the performance of the contracts.

4.5. The Company may notify the personal data to banks and credit report providers for transaction processing purposes, which may potentially maintain a file of the specific information.

4.6. The personal data of interested parties is subject to the personal data protection policies of those third parties, when it is shared with them.

4.7. Where the Company or a major part of its assets come under the holding of a third party, the personal data of clients shall constitute one of the assets transferred, which may be notified to the future or potential purchasers. The same may occur where the Company is legally or contractually compelled to notify or share the personal data of interested parties. This includes the exchange of information with other companies and organisations for protection from fraud and minimising credit risk.

4.8. In order to carry out the hereinabove activities, the Company may transfer personal data abroad, inclusive of the United States of America and Switzerland. We shall take measures to protect personal data, wherever it may be transmitted. The Company utilises standardised contractual clauses that have been approved by the European Commission for transmissions from Europe.

4.9. The personal data and information is retained for as long as it is required to fulfil the purposes that are described in the Personal Data Protection Policy.

4.10. The Company takes steps to ensure that the personal data of interested parties is protected against any whatsoever unauthorised loss or notification. Specifically however, the transmission of information and data over the Internet is not absolutely safe. The Company does not guarantee the security of the data that is transmitted on the Internet. Any whatsoever transmissions are carried out at the responsibility of the interested parties.

4.11. The Internet website may contain links to and from third party websites. Where the interested party follows a link to any whatsoever of these websites, it is stressed that each one of these has its own personal data protection policy and the Company does not assume any whatsoever responsibility or liability for the specific policies or for the potential use of the personal data of interested parties by third parties. Check the specific policies as interested parties prior to submitting any whatsoever personal data to these websites.

4.12. The Company does not knowingly collect information regarding any whatsoever person under the age of 18 years, before receiving express consent from the persons lawfully and demonstrably exercising parental care.

4.13. The registration of an interested party on the website may require the provision of a user name and an account access code, as a part of the Company’s security procedures. The interested party must treat any whatsoever information as confidential and it must not be communicated to third parties.



The interested parties have a right of access to their personal data and information that has been collected and maintained by the Company. They are entitled to correct, improve or update and to set limits on its use for advertising purposes, and to also request the complete cessation of their use. In the last case, the Company is entitled to refuse where this is necessary for its contractual obligations towards the person requesting a client’s suspension, as well as where there are contributing reasons of public health, order or security that are imposed by the national legislation.


If you have any whatsoever questions regarding our website and the personal data protection policy, you may communicate with us by using the form at the “CONTACT US” position on our relevant website and our customer service team shall be happy to assist you.

We thank you for visiting our website.

Last update on the personal data protection policy: 17 March 2014.

Any whatsoever changes to this personal data protection policy shall be posted on this page.






The Company Mediterranean Eucrasia Ltd. – which is based in Athens, Greece, Taxation File Number: 800564194 – (Henceforth the Company) is managing the website (henceforth the website or Internet site).



1.1. The website recognises and respects the users’ rights to a private life, in accordance with the current legislation.

1.2. The visitors/users to the website must carefully read the conditions for use mentioned herein. The use of the website constitutes a presumption that the visitors/users have studied, understood and accepted all of the conditions for use. In the event where the visitors /users do not agree with the conditions for use herein, they must not use the services and the content of the website.

1.3. The website may change the conditions for use at any given time and the visitors/users must regularly check for any changes. As long as they continue to use them it follows that they have accepted them, alternatively they should refrain from using and or visiting the Internet site.



2.1. Excluding the expressly mentioned exceptions (intellectual Copyright of third parties) the entire content of the Internet site (which indicatively includes in terms of form text, graphics, images, maps, sketches and ΙΜΜΟΤ programs according to type, bio-feeding products, etc.), constitutes the intellectual Copyright of the Company and is protected by the provisions of the valid national, Union and international legislation, as the latter have been incorporated into the Greek legislation and take precedence over it. The company reserves all the intellectual copyright relating to the content and the copies that are created based upon it.

2.2. The content of the Internet site is only made available to visitors/users for personal use. Any whatsoever other use requires the express written permission of the Company or the owner or the holder of the intellectual copyright.

2.3. The visitors/users understand and accept that they are not provided with the right to modify, sell, resell or even exploit in any whatsoever manner all or a part of the content on the Internet site. The other products or services that are mentioned on the digital pages of this Internet site and which carry the symbols of the corresponding organisations/companies/associated agencies, associations or issues, constitute their intellectual and industrial Copyright and consequently these agencies bear the relevant responsibility.



The collection and use of the personal data and information pertaining to both visitors and registered or unregistered users of the website as well as that pertaining to the potential clients and the Company’s clients is governed by the determinations in the Company’s Personal Data Protection Policy, as well as the relevant provisions that are specified in the national, Union and international legislation, as the latter have been incorporated into the Greek legislation or apply in relation to the Greek legislation, regarding the protection of the individual from the processing of data of a personal nature, as these are in force.



4.1. The Company may gather data for recognising the users of the Internet site by utilising corresponding technologies such as cookies and or even monitoring Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. The cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer, with data/information about the user, which only relate to the specific website or Internet site that the user is visiting, through which the relevant file is stored onto the hard disc of the user’s computer and not informed about any whatsoever document or file from the user’s computer. The cookie file does not contain recognisable elements of the user’s physical identity, whilst only being readable by the Internet site that has created it, so that the cookie file isn’t used during the user’s visits to other websites or Internet sites, which potentially use the cookies technique.

4.2. This website uses a) Essential Cookies that are required for the website to be functional and display its content, and b) Third-Party Cookies as we work with Google Analytics to track visits to the site in order to improve our services to you. Google Analytics only maintains anonymous tracking data with a 26-month retention period.

4.3. The visitors/users have the capacity to deactivate the relevant function of the cookies in the browser so that cookies aren’t stored onto their computer hard drive, so as to accept or reject such an action. The cookies files are used for facilitating the visitors/users in relation to the use of specific services, for statistical purposes and in order to determine the regions that are useful or popular, for the purpose of improving the services that are provided through their Internet presence In the event where the visitors/users of specific services and websites do not desire to use cookies for their recognition they shall not be able to have further access to these services.



5.1. The total of the information material that is contained on this website is supplied “as is” and “as available”. Despite the fact that the Company has made every effort so that the information that is provided on its website is precise, complete, true, updated and available, it does not provide any express or otherwise guarantees regarding the correctness, accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability of this content for any whatsoever use, application or purpose. Where the interested parties perceive continual or strange changes to the information that is contained on the website it would be good for them to communicate with the Company over the telephone and request a confirmation regarding the accuracy of the information that they are receiving from the website and its various pages. In that case the Company shall be responsible for verifying the information.

5.2. The Company does not assume any direct or indirect responsibility for any demands of a legal, civil or criminal nature not even for any whatsoever (liquidated or un-liquidated) damages sustained by the visitors/users of its Internet site.

5.3. The Company shall make every effort for the proper operation of its website, despite the fact that it does not guarantee that the pages, services and the contents shall be provided without interruption, without faults or free of viruses or other similar elements and that the mistakes shall be corrected or that responses shall be provided to all the questions posed. It is accordingly not liable for any suspension to the operation of its Internet site and its services provided and for any whatsoever form of damages caused to the users due to this suspension. The cost for potential corrections or services shall be undertaken by the visitors/users and under no circumstance by the Company.

5.4. No information contained on the website constitutes medical advice. The Company recommends that persons interested in matters pertaining to medical advice should address specialist doctors.



The Company provides the capacity to third party Internet sites via suitable links, which have been exclusively installed to facilitate visitors/users of this Internet site. The installation of links does not constitute an indication of approval or rejection of the content on the corresponding Internet sites by the Company, which is not liable for any damages that may be caused through the use of links to other Internet sites, as well as the content of their pages, or for the practices pertaining to the protection of confidentiality or the accuracy of the material thereon, as well as the manner for handling their Internet visitors.



Minors only have access to the Company’s Internet site with the consent of their parents and generally by those exercising their parental care.



8.1. This agreement for use is governed by the Greek legislation, the relevant International Treaties, the Directives and the Regulations of the European Legislation; it is interpreted on the basis of the rules governing good faith, business ethics and the right’s economic and social purpose. In the event where any provision in the hereinabove conditions is deemed to be contrary to the law or is rendered unenforceable, it shall ipso jure cease without affecting the validity of the other conditions. No modification to the conditions in this contract shall be taken into consideration and constitute a part thereof unless it has been formulated in writing and been incorporated therein.

8.2. The competent courts for the resolution of any differences that may arise under this contract are the materially and location competent Courts of Greece.



The procedure for the conclusion of the contract and the provision of services by the ompany shall be governed by these General Terms and Conditions which constitute call for expression of interest for conclusion of the contract.


2.1. Company:
2.2. Prospective Customer: The natural person wishing to enjoy the services of the Company.
2.3. Customer: The prospective customer who has concluded a contract with the Company.
2.4. Services: All actions which have been received by the customers.
2.5. Programme: All services comprising an independent unity able to satisfy a particular need.



3.1. Philosophy

Eucrasia, as first defined by Hippocrates, father of modern medicine, is the equilibrium of the 4 humors of body, for ideal physical constitution. Eucrasia was founded with the purpose of delivering an integrated wellness experience through the method of IMMOT – Intelligent Mediterranean Metabolic hOmeostasis Therapy which has evolved through our scientific development of the basic Hippocratic doctrine to preventive medicine. According to Hippocrates’s theory, human beings are constituted of body and soul, through which the four humors (fluid elements: blood, phlegm, black and yellow bile) are in continuous circulation. The equilibrium of these humors, “eucrasia”, is identified with health, while disequilibrium, “dyscrasia”, produces disease. Motion of the humors ensures unity of the body and soul so that even a small disorder in any part of the body is reflected in the whole.

3.2. The company programmes are:
a) The IMMOT for Body
b) The IMMOT for Immunity Boosting
c) The IMMOT for Athletes
d) The IMMOT for Performers and Public Speakers and
e) The Total IMMOT

3.3. The company programmes are:
The basis of all Eucrasia therapy programmes is the Core Therapy program.
The Core Therapy program includes:
a) Medical tests individualized as per the condition being addressed.
b) Individual nutritional plan with emphasis on the Mediterranean Diet.
c) Body Workout program, Physical Rehabilitation program and Psychosomatic Awareness all of which are customized on a daily basis throughout the duration of stay at the center.
d) Use of spa facilities to activate the mechanisms that promote metabolic and musculoskeletal recovery.
e) Education of clients, by the specialized associates of Eucrasia, during scheduled workshops and lectures, on-site at the cente and during crafted experiences i.e. nature walks, sailing, local events, customs etc.
f) 3 month follow up using specialized internet software, so that the client can exchange information, views and receive tips regarding all parts of the program by the scientific team.



4.1. The prospective Customer expresses his interest for negotiating the conclusion of the contract with the Company by filling in the special standard written form found at the webpage (internet Form A). Form A must be completed and sent electronically via e-mail. Form A requires information to be completed concerning the identification particulars of the Prospective Customer and information concerning the personal medical history. For the expression of interest to be valid the Prospective Customer must explicitly declare that the identification particulars submitted on Form A as well as all information contained therein is true and that in case where even part of these particulars or information is found to be false the Customer waives all claims for the provision of the selected programme and refund of money.

4.2. The Company at the latest within two (2) working days shall accept or decline the expression of interest sending to the personal e-mail of the interested party a personal code.

4.3. With this personal code the Prospective Customer shall be informed electronically of the general and particular terms of the contract depending on the programme to be selected. This information constitutes proposal for conclusion of the contract.

4.4. The contract is concluded with the acceptance of the proposal of the Company made with the selection of the term ‘agree’ and the deposit of the fee covering the entire cost of the programme.

4.5. The Customer shall receive an electronic confirmation message on the conclusion of the contract and a deposit receipt of the fee in accordance with paragraph 4.4.



The content of the present website as well as the website itself constitutes property of the Company. Any copy, transfer, alteration, re-sale of this content is strictly prohibited.



The Company informs prospective customers that it reserves the right to amend or renew said terms and conditions including the use of this website. Any amendment does not extend to parties with the Company.


If you have found any whatsoever problems in the content of the Internet site that covers legal or ethical issues, please notify us at so that these may be addressed


In every case, where you consider that our policy is inadequate, please inform us accordingly by dispatching your message to