Eucrasia works towards helping people rebalance their system and basic body functions which have been forgotten because of intense stress and overworking. Eucrasia tries to optimize the nutritional advantages of Cretan cuisine, helping us to eat an optimal and balanced diet in order to rebalance our metabolism. Throughout our weekly stay in Crete we had the opportunity to indulge in daily get-ways and enjoy the beautiful nature, like the hike we did in Kritsa’s gorge. It was a unique experience and I am sure I will return for more.
Odysseas K.
Eucrasia is not simply about losing a few kilos or indulging in a couple of therapy sessions. Eucrasia is an essential, holistic approach that educates us on how we will
achieve an optimal quality of life. Our life includes what and how we eat, how we sleep, how we walk, how we work, how we exercise, how we relax…It was a great treat to myself, and I returned home enriched with precious and unique advice. My “ journey” with George Leon, founder of Eucrasia, began 3 years ago and our meeting in Crete at the programme simply sealed my admiration for this scientist’s gifted ability to rejuvenate our cells, ourselves and our lives.Thank you for this experience that has given me a healthy body, mind and soul.
Natalia B.
It is truly pioneering and perfect in its implementation. An absolutely holistic approach, offered with the most excellent conditions. I feel lucky and grateful for having had this experience.
I wish you the best in future endeavours and hope to meet again soon.
Pepy G.
“The intensive Holistic Metabolic and Anti-Ageing retreat is something to get seriously excited about. Waking up to a view of sea and mountains is uplifting and a marked contrast to the usual starkness of a medi-clinic”… “There is a lot of personal care and attention here… you return home with an immeasurable sense of inner peace and quiet.”