Voice Wellness and Vocal Fitness

Complete biochemical blood test.

Glucose tolerance test.

Hormonal profile in glucose tolerance test (8 hormones).

Redox test in red blood cells (6 biomarkers as TAC, GSH, TAG REDUCTION, TBARS, CATALASE, PROTEIN CARBONYLS). 

Heavy metal and non metal toxicity count from hair samples.

Saliva genetic testing detecting up to 50 alleles associated with the risk of morbid obesity and metabolic disorders, plus graphic representation of each allele as per BMI comparison.

Iridodiagnosis by specialized ophthalmologist.

Complete physical examination including treadmill stress test for detection of RQ,SO2 %, lactate production, and ECO monitoring at various heartbeat rates.

Μeasurement of basal metabolic rate (BMR), resting metabolic rate (RMR) and energy expenditure during the exercise protocol.

Ε.Ν.Τ. / Phoniatrist examination with laryngeal endoscopy, full physical examination and diagnostic session with psychologist and nutritionist.

Complete subjective voice assessment by Voice Specialist – Speech and Language Pathologist.

Four voice workshops on vocal technique for developing mechanical expertise of the vocal mechanism for every voicing endeavour. Based on the Voicecraft approach to vocal training and voice rehabilitation.

One workshop on the relationship of voice and emotion and the possibilities for utilizing the voice as a vehicle for effective communication.

Four personalized treatment sessions by the Six Senses Spa specialists.

One complete fascia treatment session.

One physiotherapy session for breathing exercises.

Two kinesiology sessions.

Two movement lessons.

Two workout sessions daily.

Two training workshops on metabolic activity and natural body functions.

Personalized daily schedule.

Complete personalized daily menu of 6-7 meals of molecular Cretan cuisine.

Bottled water and herbal Cretan beverages.

Two outdoor excursions.

Transfer to and from the resort.

Three months Internet post-programme support from our trained eucrasia personnel.

IMMOT Programmes