Voice Wellness and Vocal Fitness

This programme is ideal for:

Singers, actors, public speakers, educators, health care                           professionals, politicians, lawyers and everyone wanting to develop      vocal expertise.

Recovery from vocal trauma and vocal fatigue.

Post-surgery rehabilitation of the voice.

Integrating and developing the mind – body connection for                  effective and healthy voicing.

Discovering the relationship between voice and emotional                    expression.

The programme includes

Mindful customized antioxidant Mediterranean nutrition and herbal remedies based on clinical and laboratory parameters.

Natural rehabilitation using state-of-the-art spa facilities.

Personalized relaxation sessions using the available facilities.

Body manual fascia therapy and deep muscle techniques.

Specialized medical voice evaluation and analysis of vocal dynamics.

Voice spa and rehydration programme.

Vocal rehabilitation techniques with state-of-the-art Voicecraft approach.

Psychosomatic awareness sessions targeting issues on voice and emotion and performance psychology.

All IMMOT programmes include the Core Therapy programme. Select the IMMOT programme that ideally suits your specific wellness needs or contact us so we can help you select the programme that is best suited to your requirements.

IMMOT Programmes